Using demo version

The demo version contains libraries for Visual Studio 2005 and 2008. Using the demo version you can do development for following platforms:

Keymap/ Navigation SDK demo version can be download here.

Preparing development environment

After demo SDK installation, Install necessary device SDKs (e.g. Windows Mobile 5 SDK for Windows Mobile 5 devices). Add following paths for each platform:

After that you can build example applications in KeymapSDK\Example folder.

Running Keymap/ Navigation SDK applications

Supporting dll and other files can be found in pre-built sample applications Keymap SDK Example

Keymap/ Navigation SDK application require proj.dll and projections.dat files to run. To draw ecw files, ecw.dll is required. You can use Chicago map data for testing, or import your own map data. To import data, download and run Windows application in Keymap SDK Example package. You can import data using your own Keymap application for Windows after copying following dll from Keymap SDK Example package: