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Web Mapping Server

Web Mapping Server (WMS) is ideal solution for organization who needs fast, reliable, customizable and high-quality map-enabled web application. WMS can be used to render both your vector data and high-resolution images (geo tiff, ecw...). Our solution Keymap WMS can serve as solid base for your online business applications.

Developer freedom

There are many choice for developer when he starts web mapping applications now. Google Maps, Yahoo! Maps and Live Maps are examples of choices. However if using those services, your business depends on a service provider, with terms and conditions changeable at any time without notice. Furthermore, commercial use of online mapping services already are very expensive. Keymap Software offers full mapping server solution. You have not to change your process to fit online mapping services, but whole mapping infrastructure can be customized to meet your business needs.

Client-side software

No client software choice for you when choose online map services. Of course it must be a web browser. Sometime it's not good to run sophisticated application in browser environment. Too heavy and unreliable. Light-weight stand-alone .Net client is ideal choice here. Of course it must be real client, not an application with embedded browser control. Ability of using web browser and stand-alone client with same server is amazing for many business applications.


Google Maps, Yahoo! Maps, Live Maps

Keymap Web Mapping Server


Limit on queries per IP per day

No limit


Very limited. Actually no customization available. Developer can just use few API methods.

No limit on customization

License cost

US$10,000 per year for commercial use (Google)

No annual fee

Client software

Only web browser

Web browser, and/ or stand-alone .Net application


Limited API set

Rich API set, any method can be added on request




Web mapping solutions comparison

Performance and reliability

Keymap WMS produces tiles according to client request. Tiles are cached in both server and client in order to reduce traffic and increase performance. Efficient caching mechanism guaranties low server load and high mapping performance. AJAX engine allows smooth map browsing be requesting only missing tiles. Designed to serve hundred thousands of queries per day on single ordinary PC, Keymap WMS is reliable piece of your IT infrastructure.

Search and routing

Special web services allow user to find road, POI or any object in online map instantly. Using same approach, developer can implement his own web services interacting with map and custom databases.

User layer

If user layer enabled, website users can draw his own objects (line, polygon etc.) over the map.

Data source

Keymap WMS can read data from most popular GIS databases:

  • ESRI Shapefiles (SHP)

  • PostGIS / PostgreSQL Database 

  • MapInfo Files (TAB/MID/MIF)

  • Oracle Spatial Database

  • Web Feature Service

  • Geography Markup Language (GML)

  • Virtual Spatial Data (ODBC/OVF)

  • TIGER Files

  • ESRI Binary Coverages (ADF)


  • Microstation Design Files (DGN)

  • IHO S-57 Files

  • Spatial Data Transfer Standard (SDTS)

  • National Transfer Format (NTF)

  • MySQL MyGIS Format


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