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Keymap Telematics Server

The Keymap Telematics Server is field-proven, complete software solution for various telematics applications:

  • AVL,

  • fleet management,

  • asset tracking,

  • vehicle safety and security,

  • real time navigation and positioning,

  • remote tracking monitoring and control,

  • territory management and route verification,

  • drivers log and behavior analysis.

Keymap Telematics Server can serve as fleet management system, GPS tracking and security portal, remote navigation server, dramatically reduce operational cost for businesses.


Keymap Telematics Server is shipped with full source code, that allow any level of customization. Deploying Keymap Telematics Server brings many advantages:

  • reduced time-to-market,

  • system reliability and robustness,

  • customization to meet any project specific requirements, internationalization with Unicode support

  • remote control and over-the-air (OTA) firmware update,

  • reusability and scalability of hardware and software system components,

  • optimal price/performance ratio,

  • low total cost of solution and ownership,

  • quick return of investment

Reliable mapping engine

Heart of Keymap Telematics Server is high performance web/ client-server mapping engine. User can use web browser (IE, FireFox) as client for telematics server, or use stand-alone light-weight .Net software running in Windows, Pocket PC or Windows Mobile devices.

High performance communication

Working independently of underlying telecommunication infrastructure, Keymap Telematics Server can use GPRS, CDMA or conventional radio for data transmission. The communication server can is scalable and can serve hundred thousands remote devices.

Additional services

Keymap Telematics Server provide powerful search capabilities, routing and remote navigation. Text messaging can be implemented to enable text communication between control center and remote devices.

Technology overview

We used C and C++ for map rendering engine.

In server side, we use .Net and PHP. Communication server written using C# and .Net Framework. Web client uses JavaScript. Stand-alone client uses C#.





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